Sustainable food Declaration.

I stated this once already, a resolution is a resolve that can dissolve, a Declaration is an intent or purpose and one that you can hold onto a bit easier. SImply put, our forefathers did not sign a Resolution of Independence, but a Declaration. To declare something means that you have found the alternative to be intolerable. To make resolutions you are seeking to find something different, a change of sorts but not certain about the context or the strength of your own resolve.

My declaration of sustainable food is about seeking the opposite of what I find intolerable. Filling my body with poisons and chemicals that are not researched thoroughly is unacceptable. Buying crap just to fill a void is no longer an option. I have worked far too hard and lost far too much weight to go back where I came from. I choose a new path. Farmer’s Markets and gardening, food co-ops and local foods. These are my new devices to shift my momentum in the right direction.

I hear people say buying organic is so expensive I cannot afford it. Can you afford the medical bills when you get some illness totally preventable by proper diet and nutrition? We are too used to cheap food. We as a nation are spoiled by the excesses of bad land management and now they try to “trick” us into liking all the porcessed foods and our bodies are rejecting the taste of real food. How did we let this happen? How did we all sit back and let corporate greed dictate how and what we eat?

SImple, we allowed the corporations to convince the homemakers that their lives were too hard. They tricked us with simplifying meal preparation, so the homemaker could relax during the day and not be a “slave” to the household. They also focused on the working mom’s indicating that the ease of dinner preparation made here life less stressful. Really!!?!?!?!?!? Feeding your family chemicals somehow makes life less stressful and more enjoyable???? I personally like to cook, I also love to plan my menus. I get excited about trying new foods and new recipes. I felt honored when Richard told him mom what a great cook I was. I was quite surprised since I do not often cook meat.

I was proud when my daughter’s best friend told her other friend that she loved coming to my place is I was cooking, because if it was something she would eat it was yummy and healthy to boot. Hell I got teens to eat kale and yams and beans! Not many parents even try to feed teens those things. I would not have tried them when I was a teen, well my mom was a shitty cook. So eating much from here was scary.

I love the idea that my son recognizes that I grew most of what is on his plate. He points that out many times during the year. Hey are these the peas we planted last spring? I think the key to cooking and to sustainable food in general is to find recipes that intrigue you to try something different. Last summer my veggie bin sent me beets 2 weeks in a row. I hate beets, they are not supposed to come in my bin. I typically get extra lettuce or carrots in place of them. Richard likes beets, well those nasty canned ones with the bright red juice. I asked him to look at the magazine I had just gotten. It had whole selection of beet recipes. He pointed to these beet pancakes with dill sauce and said those looked good. Well Ok then we shall try them. Now mind you, I have tried beets 6 ways to Sunday and hate them. I prepared these beet patties and put the dill sauce on them and to my surprise even the teens liked them. Ok so hey now I know I like beets this one way. Ok so what if that is the only way I like them, at least I found a way to eat them.

The idea of being a foodie kind of bothers me. That makes it feel like it is some kind of special handshake club, very much the same way I view bike clubs, Elitist. I think bikes and food go hand in hand and should be accessible to everyone. You do not need special clothes to ride a bike, I ride in my jeans or a skirt all the time. I just put a hat on when I arrive to the place I am going, sometimes I even change my shoes. The point here is that cooking like biking doesn’t require special talent or gear, just an adventurous spirit.

Every year millions invest in a gym membership, a diet plan or some other miraculous weight loss remedy. The secret is so simple, I only know it because it worked for me, and I wasn’t even trying in reality. I just noticed my pants were starting to fall off, even my size 14. I was 16/18 last winter. I typically drop to a 14 over the summer and then gain it back. I gained a pound or two last month because of all the junkfood I ate, ok xmas is a bad time for a food declaration, maybe this year I can withstand the temptations. The secret is so simple. Stop eating the crap that Rachel Ray tries to dish up as real homecooked foods! A box of dehydrated potatoes with sauce mix is not homecooked. It is a combinations of chemicals put together to taste good and there is not much research on the long term affects of the chemicals on humans. Addiction, that is what I believe the goal of half those additives are. Seriously does your cheese sauce need to be a bright orange color, or is that just to entice you more? Hell it isn’t even cheese.

Remember when they said butter was bad for you and made you fat? OMG margarine was the miracle of the day, then they gave you spray margarine to control your intake. Uhmmm are these good for you? What are they anyway? Chemicals nothing more then chemicals combined to imitate butter flavor. Imitate, hmm do you want an imitation turkey on your table for thanksgiving, if you are a vegetarian, maybe, but most of you would say hell no. Why then do you choose to eat imitation foods in general? As for the vegetarians, I think most of that fake meat is not so good for you. I paid for a personal trainer a couple of years ago and found that those fake meats are considered a high fat content meat product! Ok wait, I became a vegetarian to lose weight and save money, those fake meats are expensive and they are making me fat??? Holy crap I can eat black beans and get a more balanced diet from that. This was when I unlearned how to cook.

I unlearned to the point that I actually sought to discover how to create meals without meat and without substitues. I found mediterranean foods along with Indian and Ethiopian meals that not only tasted great but fulfilled my required nutrients. I have heard from several people that they have never known a skinny vegetarian. Wow, really? I read an article in Vegetarian times many years ago that was life changing. It talked about going vegetarian as not being about vegetables but being about not eating meat. Therein lies the problem. Not eating meat so you eat fake meat, not vegetable but fake meats, eggs and cheeses. Wow that is about as sustainable as driving an SUV but only for a mile per day. Somehow the logic is broken.

Oh I love a good burger just like the rest of you, but I like to make my own patties with quinoa and red lentils with curry or cumin, depending on your flavor desires. I got the recipe form the Cafe Flora cookbook, one of the best investments I ever made. Seriously you can make your own grain based patties called croquettes to fill a bun or whatever you desire. I like potato tacos, I want to try yam tacos, I bet those would be tasty. The idea here is that you just have to use your imagination. Next time you go shopping look at all the produce and pick something different, then try to find a recipe that you might like to try. I gave Richard Eggplant parmesan once. He liked it, he hadn’t had it the way I prepared it before and found it to be a much more appealing texture and taste then from the box stuff. I gave him a roasted eggplant and roasted red pepper sandwich which he absolutely loved, this is the same guy who was certain he did not like eggplant. It is about how you prepare it and how you approach it.


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