No Impact week, forkprint and consumption.

I read many blogs about food being the most difficult challenge.  For me this one was the easiest challenges.  I switched to local seasonal food two years ago.  I have been focused on food security and reducing my forkprint for the last couple of years.  I have found that the easiest way to accomplish this is to simply look at what I have on hand every Sunday.  I have a bin of organic local vegetables delivered every week.  It arrives on Wednesday, so I know to anticipate an influx of fresh fruit and veggies that day.  On Sundays the delivery company emails me an update of what to expect.
I make a list of what I have on hand and what I know is coming on Sundays.  I then look for recipes that incorporate both of those list along with a list of what is in season in my area now.  I try to eliminate packaged food from my diet, once a week I allow for an “emergency” oops dinner.  This helps eliminate my waste as well as helps my budget.  I have two teens and we survive on a budget of $75 a week, usually a little bit less if I have bought extra staples along the way.
I cook dried beans to reduce my waste and keep my budget low.  As  vegetarians, primarily, we consume  a good amount of beans.  I try to incorporate a crockpot meal at least once a week.  Chili is one of my kids’ favorites.
By taking the time to plan ahead and by going local seasonal, I have forced my family to become creative in meal making and have discovered a love for many vegetables that I never would have tried in the past.  Although most grains are not local, I have tried to reduce my forkprint in so many other ways that I feel as though this is a forgivable impact.
If we all try to be perfect we will all fall short. If instead, we look at the steps we are willing to take and those that we can live with we can make a small difference.  If millions make a small difference, it is no longer small and we all need to keep that fact in perspective.


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