When the friendship has run its course.

Sadly as I enter the year 2011 I am certain that I am going to lose friends as I grow and stand up for what I truly believe in.  These relationships, though I am sad to lose, are most likely on the toxic side anyway.  I went out last night and a fairly good friend was downright rude and unpleasant to me.  I tried to be nice, I was mature about it and just went about my night.  I had fun but the interaction put a damper on the end of it.  I wish I knew what I had done to anger her as much as I obviously had.  As I was talking with Richard about how I felt, I told him I was going to let it go, this is my year to let things go.  I wanted to seek closure, but as I realize this is something I likely will not get from her.  She is angry and not supportive and quite negative, which she never used to be.  When I needed help moving she was one of the people that came over so many times and she was a dear friend.   Something has happened in her life and apparently I do not fit her ideology any longer.  I wish her the best and I hope she succeeds, but for me I am moving on.  I cannot spend time walking on eggshells around the negative people I come in contact with, so here is to my declaration of letting go.   Just let it be, as The Beatles sang.Let it be.


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