Conclusion of the No Impact Week Challenge

I confess, I got busy and didn’t really focus on the last three days, although I do not feel as though I have failed. I am already focused on living a no impact life. I decided to take the challenge to see where and what I could improve. I was disappointed with myself for having created trash and using disposable or packaged items. I am so focused most of the time on minimizing my impact that it never occurred to me that I did waste resources with just a few things I do.

What I learned this week: I have made a difference in my life and my health over the course of the last two years. I also realized that I need to blog and track my progress to see the impacts I have and have not made. I regret not taking my bike everywhere. It is my primary transportation mode, have you ever shopped on a bike? You have to plan ahead, which falls into your food purchases, if you have a plan picking up a few items daily lessons your loads. I used to feel guilty for putting my bike on the bus when the weather got nasty or it got dark and cold, but the reality is that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I do what I can when I can, we all have moments where we just do not want to do whatever it is, and we need assistance. It is ok, at least we got out there and took the plunge, even if we had to catch a bus for half our commute, that is one less car and one half less public transit for our trip. These little things do add up and if we all count the little things we can see that we are making a difference.

Every one that makes a conscious effort to make one change in their life is a true hero. No matter what that change is, if everyone in the World made one change, there could be a significant decrease in the impact our species makes on this old rock we call home.

I am inspired by the stories, I am encouraged by the efforts of those people that chose to spend the first week of this new year focusing on reducing their impact. I know for certain that shifting out of a consumeristic mode, we can all find happiness and we will all financially benefit in great ways. I know for a fact that by living your life intentionally and planning ahead, you can find freedom from the trappings of capitalism and once that freedom is found, you will never want to fall victim to that discontent again.

I am choosing to continue with this challenge and try to live my life with the intention of finding peace with my decisions and I hope to see true happiness, better health, and a much more stable financial future by doing so.


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