Local season and real food have a dramatic affect on your waistline.

I have been a vegetarian for many years.  When I first gave up meat I dropped some weight, a noticeable amount.  But as with each thing you do your body tends to plateau off.  I have had to incorporate fish back into my diet due to my B12 levels being too low.(I eat fish once every few weeks, and only wild, not wild caught.)  My levels actually dropped off when I removed most processed foods from my diet.

The last year I have dropped 40+ pounds and I really didn’t do much differently, except I was not in a bad relationship.  One other notable change was that I have biked for the last 4 years, but last year I was forced to move out of my neighborhood and up onto a hill.  Learning to ride a 40 lb cruiser up a hill with only three speeds made a huge impact I am certain.

Foodwise, I have have cut way back on how much dairy and egg products I eat.  By eliminating processed foods I think at the same time all those synthetic chemicals being flushed out of my body changed my biological processes.  I feel better and my body is not as tired or achy as it has been in the past.  Clean food and water are probably the key essential components to my weight loss.

In November I noticed all my pants were literally falling off of me.  I had a pair of size 12 that I never really thought I could wear and look good in, but my 18, 16 and 14 size pants were no longer staying on, time to suck it up and put those bad girls on.  To my astonishment they fit and looked pretty good.  The next weekend I went shopping, thinking maybe those pants were one of those off sizes that “trick” you into thinking you are getting smaller.  I grabbed two pair of size 12 jeans and tried them both on.  For the first time since I was 18 I am able to wear a pair of Levi’s and feel like they are not making me look like a cow in spandex!

I highly recommend not only getting exercise, but making sure it continually pushes your body as you do it.  I also recommend getting rid of those boxed and canned foods you get at the “food” stores.  THIS IS NOT really food people!  It is nothing more than a few recognizable items of food laced in chemicals to create an addiction to the manufacturing process.  Give them up and your body will thank you.


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