This last year I posted something on my facebook about how I was not jumping on the patriotism wagon.  I am not patriotic, I believe until we right the wrongs that we have wreaked upon the world, our nation is not something to be proud of.  With that I got a huge backlash of  “if you do not like it then leave”.  Well that is easier said than done.  I have two teens that I cannot take out of Washington let alone the country and not have my ex-husband hunt us down and have my ass hauled off to prison.  I have to wait a few more years until they are adults and then I am free to do as I like.

Aside from not being patriotic, I tend to see some serious disconnect in those that proclaim their “patriotism” and love for our country the loudest.  Those people that fly a huge flag on every vehicle they own, most of which went up the day after 9/11, are by far some of the most pathetic displayers of lack of individual thought.  If you are so damn patriotic, please tell me when you served in the armed forces.  Tell me what branch of the military you were in.  Tell me how you showed your patriotism by serving our country.  If you cannot put up then please just shut up!

I never said I hated our country.  I never said that I hated anything, other than my ex’s, but they are ex’s for a reason, right?  Furthermore, I have no intention of ever burning a flag, unless, as per proper flag etiquette it has touched the ground or is too tattered to fly.  That is the only time I would consider burning the flag.  I have no intention of disrespecting those men and women who serve our country and protect the few freedoms we have left.  I will never dishonor those that have served honorably.  However, I question the leadership that sends our men and women to foreign soil in the name of democracy.  I question the wisdom of leaving us vulnerable and putting us in direct vision of those that seek to destroy us.

So the next time you think to tell someone to just leave the country, try for a moment, to consider why they may feel the way they do.  Why does their opinion incite you?  Is it more about the fact that you feel helpless as well and have just never thought to question the ethics of our country’s leadership?  No matter what is said or done, voicing a negative opinion about this country and disclaiming patriotism could be more about cynicism in the way Americans view themselves and less about disrespecting the country or those that serve it.


One thought on “Patriotism

  1. Hell Fucking Yeah. Plus, our biggest problem is that our politicians are so busy sucking up to other countries asses that they are completely forgetting to tend to our own yard first.

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