I have been thinking about this for some time.  In reality we take an action, we suffer the consequences.  What I see more and more often is that our society no longer values responsibility.  It is too easy to sue someone because we spilled the hot drink we bought on ourselves or that we were dumb enough to combine electronics with water.  Really are we devolving into stupidity?  Did we not learn that electricity and water do not mix? Or that coffee is typically served to us hot?  When did we become stupid?

Seeking to blame others for our misfortunes does more damage to us than we can ever imagine.   I see different ethnic groups complaining about what Americans, read White men, did to them.  I say rise above that.  Stop pushing blame and stand up, make things happen in your life.  Yes I am white, a female from a middle class home.  I had some things in my childhood, things bought for by credit.  As an adult, I learned the true cost of those things.

I do no blame anyone for the bad things in my life, I learned from them and chose to move forward.  When I think about responsibility, the ugly head of racism always strikes out.  In my mind, racism can be defeated by simply removing the labels from oneself and claiming human as your only label.  I am not gay or straight, nor am I female or male, not white or black or Asian or whatever other labels are our there, I am just plain human.  If we take that mindset we begin to seek out common points with others as opposed to differences, which is what racism is based on.  Instead of focusing on the differences amongst us, we should be looking for the similarities.  I know that I have two eyes, and I assume that you also have two eyes. I see diversity as a beautiful thing, yet it creates a canyon of differences that not many people can cross.  If we stop thinking about diversity and more about similarity we can see that canyon shrink to a small enough space that all people can meet in the middle.

Religions also create a great disparity amongst us.  When I think about a deity, I think that maybe if there is such a thing, that it is more concerned about the similarities we all have and the gifts we can share as opposed to the differences and the bitterness.  I was religious for a large portion of my life.  I found that religion actually created a greater disparity in my life then filling it.  I was harsh and judgmental of those outside my personal beliefs.  Once I figured out that I was happier without the constraints of constantly trying to meet unattainable standards, I found myself questioning my beliefs.  In reality, I found that my beliefs were based on what I was told to believe not in what I knew to be right for me.  This was a harsh reality for me.  I began to question everything in my life and then I realized what was most important to me and found my true beliefs.

In finding my true beliefs I realized that I had been trying to depend on a deity to fix those problems in my life rather than stand up and take responsibility for making my own happiness.  Once I applied this responsibility to myself I was able to find my own inner strength and no longer needed to rely on things outside of myself for my happiness.  Personal responsibility is one of those scary things, that until you face it seems to be a negative in one’s life.  Once you face it, it becomes one of the most empowering factors in one’s life.  I choose to be self sufficient and responsible for my own actions and my own happiness, and that is the secret that so many people are missing.



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