My boycott list!

Places I refuse to shop at and why!

WalMart, destroys community based currency, ruins small businesses and influxes our country with cheap unsustainable goods.  The way the workers are treated is not that great either.

Target, loved this place until it funded an anti-gay rights political figure.  Cannot support a corporation that supports views opposite of mine.

Whole Foods, masks itself as sustainable but basically supports industrial organics along with hiding the truth with wild and wild caught fish.

Anything produced by ConAgra, Archer Farms, Kraft, anything that has a big name that makes a multitude of food stuff.

BP and Exxon, both are environmental terrorists.

Any company that solicits by phone or junk mail.  My phone my choice.  My mail, I do not want more stuff to put right back into the recycling bin.

Anything that has High fructose Corn syrup or as they want to call it now Corn Solids.

Anything I cannot pronounce or has more than 5 ingredients.  As a chemist if  I have to look up what the name means then I do not want it on my body or in my food or in my environment.


I am currently loving the open market at Pike Place, and Madison Market where I can refill my oils, tamari, shampoo, conditioner, vinegar laundry and dish soaps and not have to make more recycling or garbage to muck up the environment.


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