When Justice is averted.

A Seattle police officer shot and murdered a harmless deaf man last fall on the streets of Seattle.  The shooting was found to be unjustified by the review board.  So why is the City Attorney not seeking to press criminal charges against the officer?  Seems to me that if the shooting was unjustified, the very least he should be charged with is gross negligence, more suitably would be manslaughter, or murder if you can prove it was somehow premeditated.  I know the job of a police officer is a tough one.  You are always under pressure to know when to use force and not use force.  The problem with allowing this man to not stand trial is that now the officer’s job just got a whole lot tougher.  Those people who find this unjust are no longer going to respect the uniform of an officer.  I myself am finding it hard to even care about the police anymore, yet I know not all of them are as craptastic at this one was.  I actually do not believe that Burke had any criminal intent.  I think he got frustrated and emotional and did not think his actions through.

Apparently our  justice system is tilted to allow cops to be above the law.  The law actually protects them and the only recourse a family has is to take it up in civil court.  This means that you and I, the taxpaying public will be paying for the death of this man and the crime of this officer.  I realize that yes cops have a very dangerous job, yet I cannot understand why our justice system is so painfully twisted.   When criminals can sue homeowners for injuries from breaking into the home, or dog bites from a guard dog, or even sue the police in a justified shooting, the system appears to be protecting the wrong people.  How about this, if you break the law there is no lawsuit for you.  Period.  Unless you can prove your innocence of the wrongdoing, then you have proper recourse.  Ok wait, before you get all up in arms about innocent until proven guilty, think about it this way.  You get injured breaking the law.  You go to trial first, no civil lawsuits, your criminal trial is first.  If you are found not guilty then, and only then can you proceed with a civil suit.  It is time we as citizens take back our justice system and we take back our courts.  This is the land of the free, so damn it, let us start acting like it.


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