Compassion or confusion?

Compassion is a funny thing. If you show compassion you often get taken for a ride. Tonight I showed compassion and I am certain that I was snowballed by a guy with a sob story on a bike. Or maybe I am jumping to conclusions. The fact of the matter is, I cannot really afford to just throw money at people or I would have donated to every cause that drops on my doorstep. But what if that guy was telling the truth? What if that $12 got him back into his apartment and out of the cold. It was snowing, I mean badly and he was on a bike. My dog didn’t growl he just sniffed, I let the guy walk into my apartment for a moment so I didn’t have to stand in the snow. Was he casing the place, not much to steal from me seriously, unless you want to sell vintage hats and bike parts. Do I feel taken advantage of? Maybe a little, but moreso I feel compassion for another human, so what if he lied, so what if he took that money and bought a hot meal, I just wish he would have asked for a hot meal as opposed to taking money. Whatever he did with it, I cannot change it and frankly I believe that I would give the money to him even now. Sometimes compassion is about being taken for a ride and realizing that desperation causes grief for all parties.


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