April fools joke

Ok so I am a prankster at times, but April 1st is too predictable for me.  I tend to just leave that one alone.  I got a call at work today, not my cell but the lab phone.  Trina answered it. I then went over to pick it up.  A male voice speaks.  “Hi is this Carol Hawkins, guardian of a Jessica Hawkins?”  I answer yes I am.  “My name is Mike and I am with Planned Parenthood, we have been unable to reach Jessica today.  I am calling to let her know that the results from her tests are back, I will just leave that message with you and you can forward it on to her.  She can pick them up at her convenience.” Click.   Uhhhhhhhh, I know Jess went and got birth control to help with cramps, I also know she chose to get the Guardicil shot for HPV.  I however, had no knowledge of any tests at PP.  I know they only test for pregnancy and STD’s.  WTF, I then call Jessica and ask her if she had tests done at PP.  She states no, I then inform her of the call and that she needs to contact PP and get this all straightened out.  They obviously have their files messed up.

Carlos and Rachel are around the corner dying.  I am still confused as to the whole mess, but apparently I got April Fooled.  Shit I immediately call Jess back and tell her it was a joke, do not call PP.
I have to admit it was a good one, I wasn’t angry or upset, mostly confused and wondering why and how I was out of the loop on that one, may


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