Best pickup line ever!

Saturday night I went with John to see his best friend’s band play at the Crocodile Cafe.  Band was good and I had fun.  The roommates of John’s best friend showed up to the show.  Nice guys really.  One was a short squatty lil dude.  He cracked me up.  He got drunk and danced all night.  He tried to dance with all the girls and some of the “boys”.  He even danced with grammas.  It was great fun, I joined him for a couple of dances.  At the end of the night I walked over and gave him a peck on the cheek and told him that I realized he had some dance lessons and wondered if he was interested in joining us on the South End when we get swing dance lessons going.  I am not kidding he looked at me and said: “I really want to hit that, but John Fox says no, and now my penis hurts!”  WTF I have no idea what swing dance has to do with one’s penis hurting!!!! I had to laugh, I think that has to be the best pick up line I have ever heard.


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