Bicycle Blog #4: Coaster Brakes do not work when the Chain falls off.

Ughhhhhh I almost died tonight!!!! Well maybe not so dramatic. I was riding my awesome Electra bicycle, which most people think is cool as hell, when my chain came off going downhill.  I realized the chain slipped, what I did not consider was once the chain was off the brakes are no longer working.  Yeah down a fucking hill no brakes and to top it off I was a tard and wore sandals. Holy Crap!!!!!!!  Got the damn thing stopped and John was with me so he fixed it for me.  Wonderful everything is working again.  Until…. I go down a much steeper hill and fuck the chain slipped again.  panicked I put my feet down and hope I can stop my rapid decent.  It slows minimally.  Damn now what?  I see a road sign and since I am on the sidewalk I reach out for the damn sign.  This about rips my shoulder out of socket, but it whips me in a new direction with some soft dirt coming up. Feet flat and skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!!!!! Finally stop the damn thing.  By this time John is already at my house and had no idea it happened again.  My heart is racing, my body is shaking and my back hurts like hell.  I stumble home.  John fixed it again, but now I am looking to retrofit some handbrakes on the damn thing.  There is nothing scarier than heading down a hill with no brakes, and I do not care if you are in a car, bicycle, on a skateboard or motorcyle, it is freaking scary.  I wanna go ride my bike again but I think I should be down for the night.  I am not sure my heart could take another episode.


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