Bicycle Blog #7 The plot thickens: October 6, 2007

So Last night the WSP calls me on my cellphone.  “Did you report a bicycle falling off of a bus on I-5?”  OMG yes did you find the bicycle?  “No, but I have one car totaled by it, and 2 others that were reportedly damaged.  Who is responsible for securing the bicycle on the bus?”  The rider is responsible for putting the bicycle on the bus, but the driver is responsible to insure it is on correctly.  I have a claim for Metro on the bicycle, did they contact you on this matter?  “No one from Metro has contacted the WSP with information on this incident.”  “I will take all the information you have and I will not give your information to the car owners, but I will forward them to Metro.”

I called Metro today, the claims adjuster talked to me at length.  “Did the WSP inspect the bike rack?” No the bus left the scene, I contacted WSP, that is the only reason they had my name to begin with.  “The driver didn’t call it in?” No the driver made me call, and he then drove away from the scene.  “WHAT? Did the supervisor go to the scene?” No he met me at the Spokane street bus stop.  “Did the driver or the supervisor check out the bike rack?” No they did not.  The bus dropped me off and I waited for the supervisor.  “What?”  They did not inspect the rack while I was there.   “I do cannot tell you if your claim will be accepted or denied at this time.”

Well fuck me running!!! This means a court battle and fucking lawyers.  To top it all off they do not know if Metro is ultimately responsible for the bicycle or the lost load.  OMG! So I look at the bicycle Metro guide.  The only disclaimer on it  states:  METRO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN BICYCLES.   The bike was not stolen, I know where it went.  And it doesn’t state anything about responsibility of the rider.  Interesting, how would you insure a bicycle for lost load anyway?  The WSP doesn’t think you can.  This could get very, very ugly.


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