Bike Blog #5: Flats happen.

Monday on my ride to work I got a flat tire.  I was riding along and suddenly it got really hard to pedal and I felt like I was going nowhere.  I stopped and looked down. SHIT! I take off my pack and look for my co2 cylinders, by the time I get them out, the tire has completely deflated.  HMMMMMMMM, not wasting a cylinder on this, so I turn around and push it back to in front of the Georgetown Record Store.  I am not happy about leaving my baby there, but the tire has completely come off the rim and I am certain that the push up the hill will not be pleasant.  I chained her up and walked up the hill to get the Piaggio.

After work, Taylor and I went back down to fix the bike.  I had my tube tools, my used tube, I had repaired at home and the pump.  I managed to forget the patch kit.  The “repaired” tube must have met up with the damn cat.  I used the entire tube repair kit on the damn thing and it still was not usable.  Now I have the damn bike all over the sidewalk in Georgetown and no way to get it home.  Just as I was about to look for a knight in shining armor, a pair of knights pull up.  My friends Ladele and Allen had just pulled up.  I asked if they would mind taking my bicycle home for me.  They already had a chair for me in the van so it was no big deal to throw the bike in too, well except the bike is a beast and hard to handle.  We managed to get it in the van.

I sat around the coffee shop with them and visited for about an hour or so.  They then dragged my sorry state home.  I was very thankful for their kindness.  Today I got home from and work and my goal was to get the tube for my bike and one for another bike for Taylor.  I decided to get both the kids tire changing tools and patch kits.  I also decided since this is my second flat in this area to get the Tire Liners to help protect the tubes.  Now my project for the evening is to get both bikes up and running again.   Wish me luck!!!!


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