Bike Blog #6: Bicycle Debacle almost over.

So this week I should receive a check for my bicycle from the rack manufacturer.  The 3 bike racks have all been removed from the Metro buses and old two bike racks were put back on.  There are not enough racks to put on all the buses, so you may have to wait for a bus with a rack.  So sorry to anyone this affected, but truly mine wasn’t the only incident.  Mine just happened to be the most costly.  My bike was within specs and properly secured.  Metro has done the right thing by investigating and finding that it truly is a bad design. I have waited since October 26 for this to be resolved, this means had your bicycle fallen off the bus, this is about how long it would take to resolve your issue as well.  I hope they find a fix for the problem and reinstall the new racks soon, but for now having the security that mine won’t fall off the bus makes it a lot easier.  Just a side note, two weekends ago it almost fell off one of the old racks, the arm was rickety and my back tire had been replaced.  The tube was not as wide as the original and it didn’t wedge down like before.  One huge bump and the back tire bounced out.  I looked up and made the driver wait while I took my U-lock and locked it to the bus.  I now carry a bungee cord.


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