Bike Blog #8: I almost died today, June 11, 2008

Wow was this morning’s commute scary for me.  Riding along Airport Way when I was passed in my lane by a driver who was tailgating a Search and Rescue Truck.  The Search and Rescue truck had passed me in the other lane, but the tailgater passed me basically in my lane.  I inched as close the edge as possible.  I doubt the driver even saw me, he cut me off at the last second.  I slow the hell down.  He then swerves into the other lane as if he were going to pass the truck and then swerves back.  This happens two more times.  He then swerves into the median.  He proceeds to hit a pole with his right front corner panel, knocking his passenger mirror off.

At this point I am terrified.  He/she (sorry I never actually saw a driver at all) is going to kill someone.  The car bounced back into the lane and kept on going.  At the end of the access road next to Airport Way is a curb that curves into Airport Way.  The car then swerves into the median again and bounces over this curb (you can see a huge scrape mark on it now).  To my astonished eyes the car continues “driving” down the median for about a quarter-mile or so.  I then stops completely.  I suspect it was due to extreme damage to the undercarriage of the car that caused the driver to halt.

I made it to work, but not before I got the license plate number of the car and called it in.  This driver was far too dangerous to just let it slide.  Thankfully the car was damaged enough to no longer run.  I do not know if the driver was drunk or having  a seizure or what, but obviously they were in no condition to drive.


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