Creepy men hitting on my teen daughter: February 4, 2008

Friday night was my annual work party.  We have the party at the ACME Bowling Alley.  They put out a decent spread and give us two free drinks for the adults and the kids can have soda.  We get to bowl for a few hours and play pool if we want to.

I got fairly drunk.  We bowled a game and then it was time to go home.  I was told to take food home, it was just going to get tossed anyway.  One of the owners told me to have my kids wipe out the cookie tray.  I sent Jessica over to do that.  As I was changing my shoes I noticed this old man (55-65) beeline over her way.  She was alone collecting cookies in the corner.  I meandered over that way, my senses told me something wasn’t ok.  I didn’t say anything, I just listened for a minute.  This man said to Jess: “I didn’t mean to stare, but I think you have gorgeous hair, I love the way you style it.  I think you have the most lovely nose, it profiles beautifully.  I noticed that you had a stuffed animal in your bag and realized you must be very young at heart.”

Ok so now I am like wtf.  I said: “I hope she is young at heart, she is my 15-year-old daughter.”    He got flustered, John standing behind me didn’t help his situation either.  He then apologized and stammered that he thought I was her sister.  Uhmm yeah, ok whatever buddy.

Looking back, I should have reported him to the staff at the bowling alley.  He may have been harmless, but he might not have been.  I am glad that Jessica is mature enough to deal with these situations herself.  I just happened to be there this time, she has had to shoot men down before.  I should invest in a whistle for her and a can of mace.


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