My face is offensive: February 13, 2008

Saturday while working in Yuppieville (WorldWrapps in REI) a customer complained to the General Manager Cheryl.  Please note Cheryl has a nose ring tattoos and a huge gauge tongue ring.  He is the complaint as I recall it:

“Excuse me, I don’t normally complain, but I am offended by the girl who served me.  (The whole conversation was one-sided with Cheryl looking at the man as if he were a nut job.)  The lip rings look very trashy.  Her face is very offensive.  I work with developmentally disabled children, and her face offends me! (I guess maybe he thought I was developmentally disabled and someone held me down and pierced me?)  I am highly offended, the children I work with are developmentally disabled.  I work with disfigured children and she offended me, the kids I work with would die for a face like hers, and she goes and disfigures it purposefully.  Very offensive.  I do not know if you have a dress code, but I feel that is inappropriate.”
OK first off, who in the fucking hell says that someone’s face offends them?  That was more offensive than my damn piercings.  Secondly, it is my fucking face!  I told Cheryl if that ever happened again, just turn around and fire me on the spot.  I bet they never ever complain about someone’s looks again.  The funniest thing is that he didn’t seem to notice her clicking her tongue ring on her teeth the entire time he was yapping.   Fucking go back to the burbs where you belong redneck!


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