Free Range Bobs!

Ok so this is hilarious, we laughed ourselves to sleep over this one.  Last night Carla and I had gone out for a beer, we came home and got online for an hour or so.  She at some point got ready for bed and emptied out her suitcase so her son can use it for a trip this weekend.   She changed into her jammies came out of the bedroom and literally screamed omg where did this bob come from.   Ok first off a bob is a vibrator for those of you that don’t own one, and secondly mine live under my bed I know where mine are.  Sooooooooooo I am like uhmm thats not mine, she was like I dont have one,,, dood its a free range bob,, where in the hell did it come from.  Disturbing.  We were scared to touch it, I kept saying what did you open up today it didnt just appear.  It wasn’t in the middle of the living room all this time.  It had to come out of something of yours.  She cautiously got real close to inspect,,, she screams omg is this bob purple, it might be my old broken one!  She litterally picked it up by the end like it was contaminated then announces omg it is purple, it is mine.   Dood if it hadn’t been hers i would have seriously been upset.  So the moral of the story is always know where your bob is!!!!


2 thoughts on “Free Range Bobs!

  1. Free range dildos? That’s the most fun and most terrifying thing I can imagine.

    Carla might need some help though if she can’t identify her own bob. What kind of life would you have to lead to forget something like that?

  2. In Carla’s defense, it was dark in the living room, until I turned the lamp on. The vibe looked black hers was purple and she thought she had thrown it away. I however, always know where mine are. You have to keep track of those things, otherwise just like teens they may wind up in some precarious misfortune.

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