The Hole is healing nicely!

I was so excited when I found a boy scout uniform. I even found the cravat and neck knotter thingy. I immediately added a patch that says Coroner and later on added my name tag that says “ChaCha” on it. I bought a white pillbox hat several months later that I love to wear with it. Funny how I get congratulated all the time when wearing that hat. I always look perplexed and ask for what? The reply is generally a sheepish your wedding, and I look even more perplexed and say I am wearing a boy scout uniform????

Originally I wore a black pillbox that looks like a funeral hat with the uniform. My first time wearing it out was by far the best incident. Went to the local watering hole with my roommate Carla. We had several drinks when this guy came right up to me and slammed his finger in my chest asking if I “earned them thar badges?” Ok first off I am a chick in a boy scout uniform, secondly it has a coroner patch on it. Ok yeah he is trying to be cute, but poking this chick with the coroner badge in the chest is far from cute, more like a suicide attempt.

At this point I am not amused but actually annoyed.  Slobbering drunk men should never touch a woman, especially one that can both verbally and physically slam you under the table.  I looked at him and with my best drag queen voice, syrupy sweet, said: ” Why yes, yes I did.  I just recently had my transgender surgery and, well losing my member was quite difficult, the hole is healing nicely!”  The bartender dropped an entire tray of full glasses and just looked at me and said I cannot believe you just said that with a straight face!

Dude is about 12 shades of purple and his buddies are all razzing him and laughing at him.  Later in the night I walked up to him and said: “Dude I am totally just fucking with you!”  He stepped away and told me not to fucking touch him.  Whoa, some people are so touchy!  Serves him right, I bet he never pokes a strange woman in the chest ever again!


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