Nice Shoes

Another Carla and me story!    One night we were at Jules Mae Saloon, and she was outside smoking.  After awhile, I got bored and walked outside to find her.  She was talking to this little rockabilly cutie.  Ok I have a thing for short men and redheads.  He fit both bills 😉  I sized him up and noticed he had these awesome platform black and white wingtips on.  Another of my downfalls, black and white wingtips,  OMG love love love them!  I looked down at his shoes and then calmly said “Nice Shoes, wanna Fuck?”  He was so blown away he looked at Carla and asked her if I was serious?  She shrugged her shoulders and stated, I do not know, she might be.  I winked and walked back inside to get another drink.  This guy and I have been friends ever since!

Yep I am a floozy

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