Spring is coming!

Ok so I always know when spring is on the way.  My mood is better the weather does not get me down and I look forward to waking up.  Yesterday’s ride helped cement that into my mind, although the ride with Brian two weeks ago also planted the seed.  What I am most looking forward to right now is getting my hands dirty.  I am so excited about starting my garden and working on my neighbors terrace.  I have so many things I want to grow, with limited space you have to be inventive.  I have already got some peppers started.  Ok not some like 65 plants going, and all I did was throw them in the grow box that my tomatoes were in last year.

I was so disappointed when they cut the tree down outside my apartment last summer, but now I have sunlight in the back yard.  I can now seriously garden, I think I will continue to container garden.  I know I want some squash, some tomatoes, I would love to create an herb spiral and several varieties of greens for salads and winter consumption.  I think I will save the root veggies for the terrace and maybe build some hanging containers for strawberries.  Officially, I have the garden bug, oh help me!


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