How to ditch a douchebag! With the 15 people and have him wonder what went wrong!

Several years ago, my friend Julie was talked into meeting this guy from a chat room we had met in.  I am always game for meeting new people on my own turf.  She decided that if she was going to meet this guy it was going to be on my turf and I was going to be there.  Girl you know I got your back!   What started out as three of us meeting ended up being 12 meeting this one guys, the rest of us were familiar enough with each other or had met someone in the group prior to that night.  Saturday night rolls around and I am just leery of this guy.  He seems dishonest and frankly quite sleazy, how he talked her into meeting him I will never know.  I decided that we all meet at Jules Mae Saloon, where everyone knows me and you know if you are a regular and you tip well, they keep their eye out for you.  About 3 hours into the night the door guy catches me outside and tells me that “cowboy” ain’t tipped Sarah all night.  Whoa, hold up the ponies.  Seriously he spent a good chunk of change and didn’t leave her a cent.  She was giving good service and didn’t bat an eye when he puked in his hotdog basket.  Ok I had no idea he puked and I was fuming now.

Nearly caused a few car wrecks at that intersection!
I found this "sign" at the end of the hill, it amused me to distract drivers, whoa, some people are easily distracted!

I grabbed everyone that was smoking outside and told them to pay up the tabs and sneak out the back through the concert room.  Be sure to tip and I mentioned he had not tipped all night.  I handed Sarah a $10 told her that was all the cash I had and that I was about to make a mad exodus.  I gathered the rest of the crew individually and had them pay up and sneak out the back.  I want to stop and mention that one girl was a hairdresser and brought 3 styling heads for me and my roommate Carla.  She managed to pack them out and he was none the wiser.  We all gathered out back and I sent them over to the 9lb to continue the party.  I snuck back to the front door. I got the door guy’s attention and asked him where cowboy was.  He walked in and then came back out snickering.  Cowboy is inside with nothing at the table all by himself.  “How the hell did you get 12 people out without him noticing?”  Majic I told him!.

We had a few more drinks, with me continually checking on this idiot.  I didn’t want him to follow me home and know where I lived.  We left the 9lb and some snuck back and got their cars while the rest of us took the back way up the hill, stealing road cones along the way.  On the way home, cowboy texted the girl he invited in case he and Julie did not hook up, I should mention this girl was terrified of him after meeting him.  He asked where she was.  I told her to tell you at the bar in the bathroom.  He texted back “your heads are gone”.  I told her to just put the phone away and move on.  We partied for some time back at my place, we all had a good laugh and someone learned how to treat other people.  When you are a complete douchebag, do not try to meet new people on their turf, someone like me will put you in a place you never want to be again, ever!

Yeah you know you should be wary about what you touch on the roadside!


3 thoughts on “How to ditch a douchebag! With the 15 people and have him wonder what went wrong!

  1. Um YEAH. Never could stand those people who think that their hot shit, then treat others like shit. Though I WASN’T at that particular party, i do remember having fun, and getting in trouble hanging with you guys. Good times. 🙂

    Carol, you still owe me a horn from Halloween so many years ago. 😉

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