How to traumatize an old man!

The first night I met Julie Cpat put the whole party together.  He picked her up and then came and got me.  We met our other friend Ian that night.  We partied all night long, I am certain I met a ton of people from the chat room that night.  We bar hopped and I drank to the point that I didn’t remember most of the night.  As we drove around I thought it would be funny to roll down the window and scream at random people “I fucked your dad last night!”  Capt nearly swollowed his teeth.  Julie never laughed so hard, the whole ride was like a bomb waiting to explode.  Cpat later told me that he had no license and that he was driving uninsured so do not get him pulled over.  He then put the child locks on the windows and doors.  Many what a fuddy duddy!

I have no idea when this pic happened, I do not remember this.
Ian with his fro tween my thighs as he put it. Did they photoshop this?

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