Creating your own pasta Sauce. Innovation is the key!

Ok at the end of the rent week paycheck, pickings are slim.  Less than $10 to get us to the end of the week, this is including the weekly bin of veggies I get that arrive on Wednesday.  On my way home I was thinking about what to cook.  I knew I had some roasted red peppers in the fridge, so I thought ok how about some pasta some tomatoes those peppers some onions garlic and the field roast that my lovely boys gave me.   (My boys, the couple that took me in when I was going to be homeless for a month, then they took my significant other in as a roommate two months ago!  I have never had such wonder friends in all my life.  In fact I would do anything for them, even sacrifice my own life to save theirs. A friendship like that is never to be minimized.)  Field Roast, my one processed food weekness, ok so are canned tomatoes, but I buy organic with limited ingredients.   Field roast is a vegetarian lentil loaf, it comes in many flavors and shapes, most often bologna or wiener shaped.  My boys had a package in the freezer, they told me to take home and throw it out if it was no longer good.  Tastes fine to me!

I ended up having to reroast some yellow peppers, I added a portabella to that and half an onion.   I minced all these up with some goat cheese. wait, the field roast was just sliced and sauteed, but the rest made a wonderful sauce.  In the end we will also steam up a couple of artichokes.  I will whip up some butter and garlic dip and we will have the fanciest cheap dinner ever.  😀


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