Bus Blog #1 Not understanding how the bus system works.

When I moved to Seattle, I had a car with a cracked block.  The stupid thing overheated all the time.  My boyfriend gave it away, funny how he always destroyed and gave my stuff away, never his stuff.  Oh yeah that’s right, he had nothing.  Still has nothing, not bitter here or anything!  Ok moving on.  He told me I should start taking the bus to work.  Where I am from we have a city bus, it makes one big circle and you just flag it down as it rolls by.  I have no idea if it has official stops, or a schedule.

The next week I decide to try to figure out a bus ride.  Looked online and have a general idea of where to get a bus.  Take the bus from home, try to connect with the second bus, had no idea there was a bus tunnel and was 3 hours late trying to figure this out.  Finally made it to work and had to walk almost a mile to get there from the busstop.  I thought on my way home that since the bus is headed south then the stop should be south of where I got off the bus.  I walked for 2 hours that night along the Green River Bike Trail.  I finally found a gas station and asked the attendant where in the hell I could find a bus back to Seattle, any bus didn’t matter where it went as long as it went to Seattle.  He informed me that right behind the gas station was a busstop.  I was never so happy to see a bus in all my life.

The bus rolled up to Boeing plant 2 stop and there was a #60 bus.  Ok I know that the 60 goes right past my place, so I bail off the bus and race to catch the  60.  I have used the buses around my apartment many times to go shopping and such, but never outside the city limits so this attributed to my confusion.    It took me 4 hours to get home that night and I was never so happy to crawl into my own bed as I was when I got home.

Getting familiar with your transportation options and asking people that use those options is necessary for a successful transition from carcentric to bus savy!


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