Bike blog #11: Getting hit by a pickup really sucks!

Tuesday night I was riding home, I got tired of waiting for the bus.  I took Airport way and then took the street immediately after Spokane, a side street used for semi parking.  I got onto 6th avenue and proceeded to the left lane so I could make a left into the parking area that leads to the SODO bike trail.  The Sounders game had just gotten out and the traffic heading south was non-stop.  I sat in the intersection waiting for a break in traffic or the light to turn so I could make my left turn.  The next thing I know, some strange man is ripping my clothes of in a really brightly lit room.  My reaction is to fight him off and scream who are you and why are you doing this to me.  He replied that I had been hit by a truck.  WHAT???????  I do not remember a truck,  how could I get hit when I was following the rules.  He informed me that I was unconscious at the scene, I woke up to him cutting my clothes off.

I have not seen my bike, but the officer tells me it is pretty screwed up.  I do know that it was not my fault, the copper said so.  No arguments from the driver either.  So I know that he is going to have to pay for my hospital bill, my Physical therapy bill, my dental bill, since my teeth are all chipped up, a new bicycle and new bike gear since the EMT cut my clothes off of me.  Oh and my helmet fell off before I went through his windshield.  Or as I hit it, my head is full of dried blood.  I am home now, but my body is a walking bruise an laceration on my knees and my forehead.  I have to use a walker and my bike is probably not repairable.  This will not stop me from biking.  It may put it on hold for a bit but I will be back on a bike soon!

3 days after the accident.

I have the best friends and family in the World.  My  entire stay at the hospital was filled with visitors.  I did not get much rest during the day because I kept getting new people in. I got lovely bouquets and potted plants along with tons of reading material and cards.  I love you all so much, and you have no idea how much this meant to me as I could have easily gone into a bout of depression without the support of people I love.


5 thoughts on “Bike blog #11: Getting hit by a pickup really sucks!

  1. My goodness, I am very glad you survived….your bike can be replaced but your Life cannot. Heal well my dear.

  2. You’re a tough woman, I do know that! Getting hit by a pick up is not the best way to spend your day, and recovery will be difficult. But you are courageous and strong, and you will come out of this with even more intensity for life!

  3. Oh sweetie, what a shock to your whole system! Pun intended. Thank goodness you are strong, resilient and incredibly positive. And let’s say this is enough of this kind of stuff happening to you! See you on Monday.

  4. I agree with everyone, Carol. No more of this getting-hit-by-a-truck business! Pretending I’m your mama for a minute (though I’m younger than you), next time there is a Sounder’s game wait for the bus unless there’s is a yucky dude wacking his willy again. Just kidding! I admire that you don’t wait for things and take life by the bike-handles!

    And even if the thought of getting hit by a vehicle while on a bike gives me shivers (and I would rather get hit than hit anyone else) you’re attitude really inspires me to go bike riding even more!

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