Bus Blog #11: Fish in my pants!

One Saturday afternoon, several years ago, after spending the day in downtown Seattle I caught the 36 back up to Beacon Hill.  I caught the bus in the free ride zone and entered through the back door.   I sat in the back because it fairly empty.  Suddenly I noticed this very horrifying fishy smell.  I was like why does this bus smell like fish.  This larger fellow pssssts me, and unzips his fly to reveal the tail of a 25 lb salmon or trout down his pant leg.  OMG what the holy hell?  Why do you have fish in your pants, is this some kind of new fetish?  He smiled and laughed a bit.  He replied no, I tried to catch another bus and they wouldn’t let me on with the fish.  Why is it not wrapped up?, I asked.  He informed me that he had just caught it off the pier.  Whatever the case, the fact that he shoved this 25 lb fish down his pants puts him the I am a bit of a nut category in my book.


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