Bus Blog #2: The busstop is not a place to whack your willy!

I was waiting for the bus one morning, to take a cat to the vet.  It was fairly early, 7 am Saturday or something like that.  As I was sitting there waiting for a bus I have never been on before this man walks into the bus stop and sits down next to me.  He asks me about the cat in the carrier, I partake in minimal small talk.  It is early and I am tired and frankly frustrated to have to go to this vet in the first place.  I am sitting there staring off into space, when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I notice something.  I slightly glance to my right at this guy and he has his hands down his pants whacking his willy.  Are you fucking serious????? Dude what in the hell is wrong with you? Did you think that was going to get you a date?  OMG catch the next bus seriously any bus do not care what bus just get me the hell out of here.


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