Phoenix Rising!

As I am now “disabled” for a period in my life, the first time ever, I keep thinking about how things can slip downhill so fast. I am not a saint, nor am a strong individual alone. I keep hearing about how tough and how strong I am, and I realize that it is not my strength alone. It is the strength that I pull from my friends, family and my surrounding. I have lived my life with intention for so long that it is just natural to feel obligated to continue to live that way.

I know that this whole ordeal could have destroyed me, it could have destroyed anyone that was going through it. What helped me through was the love of friends and family. I have the most incredible network of support that has ever existed. I want all of my friends, family, classmates, co-workers and community to know how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate their support. Without it I would just sink into a depression and wallow in self pity.

The fable of the Phoenix, is that it self combusts at the end of its life to renew life in the ashes. A new Phoenix arrises from the ashes and rebirth occurs. I just want everyone to know that I view this particular time in my life as the ashes stage. My life needed a rebirth and now I have that chance.


One thought on “Phoenix Rising!

  1. “ashes” was the name of my first art show.. any given thing is not good or evil in itself. We decide with our intention and our action. we dream everything into being. i suspect that is the ultimate gift and potential curse of being human. i’m so proud of you Carol. you are a Phoenix indeed.

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