Bus Blog #3: If I say my liprings do not hurt, it is not an invitation for your nasty ass to kiss me!

Shortly after I got my second and third lip rings I was riding the 150 home. Along the busway at some point, a homeless man got onto the bus.  I was sitting in the seats that face the aisle just before the turnstile portion of the long buses.  He sat directly across from me.  I always ride the bus with headphones on.  I do not want to communicate with anyone.  Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder and he is well within my bubble.  He smelled like stale beer and piss, I pulled one headphone out and asked what he wanted.  He asked me if my lip rings hurt.  I shrugged and said no.  I put my headphone back in and a few moments later he tapped my shoulder again, I pulled the headphone out, WHAT? Those seriously didn’t hurt?  OMG seriously, no they didn’t hurt, they didn’t feel good either.  Back to my headphones.  He taps me a few moments later and he is full frontal on me.  I can nearly gag on his breath.  WHAT?  Does it hurt when you kiss?  NO, OMG this is getting tiresome.  Back to my headphones.  He taps me again, I am now highly agitated, WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Well lets see if it hurts when you kiss, he then leans over to kiss me.  I drew back my right fist and lowered my voice, “Touch me and die fucker!!!”  He proceeded to call me all kinds of names.  I nodded and told him I was ok with him thinking those things.  The driver asked if there was a problem, I informed him still cocking my fist, not as long as he moves on.  Still swearing at me, he proceeded to find  a new seat.

Apparently telling someone, that lip rings do not hurt, is an invitation to a nasty, nasty kiss session.


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