Bus Blog #5: How to traumatize a rider.

Since I started riding the bus, I have been leery of riding during snow events.  I got up one morning several years ago to see the bus I normally take still on I-5 from the previous night.  Ok sealed the deal there, no way in hell I am getting on a bus in snow.  I have avoided it for many years now, but this last November, (2010) I made that one mistake.  It started snowing, but where I work it didn’t seem so bad.  I stuck it out for almost my full 8 hours.  I know the light rail station is a hike up the hill, but it never occurred to me that the highway would be bad.  I got to the busstop just in time to catch the 150 heading north.  I thought I was lucky, little did I know!   The driver hauled ass down the highway, making great time, until we got to the off ramp.  We sat for quite some time waiting to exit, then finally about 2 hours later we hit the exit.  The driver suddenly stops and refuses to go forward.  We can nearly see the next stop, but no he just sits there,  apparently the articulated bus was starting to fishtail and he feared we would not stop at the bottom.  He refused to let us off, so there we sat on the bus, for 5 hours waiting for someone to come help us.  A Metro Access bus actually hit us and at that point the driver finally allowed us to exit.

I was so irritated by then.  I helped  a couple find the light rail station and buy their passes.  I then proceeded to walk to the nearest bar I could find.  I thought about trying to catch the 14, which I did to go home, only to have the driver inform us he was not going up Jackson all the way.  I walked from 12 ave to home on 30th Ave.  Swearing to myself the whole way, why oh why did I think getting on the bus during a snow event was  a good idea?  I missed two more days of work due to that snow.  I absolutely refuse to ever ride the bus in the event of snow again.  


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