Bus Blog #6: Fire in the bus tunnel!

The week following the snow incident, I had a class at the UW.  I decided to not ride my bike, again thinking the bus would be faster.  You would think that I would learn by now.  So I again catch the 150 heading downtown.  We get to the bus tunnel and we have to sit and wait and wait and wait.  Twenty minutes of waiting and no sign of what is going on.  The driver then announces that she cannot go forward due to a bus on fire in the tunnel.  WTH?  Seriously what in the holy crap is this?   She is finally able to maneuver the bus up to the platform and I jump off the bus to catch one on the street level.  I notice a 25 coming to my stop, he says yes he does stop at the UW.  Great I will get on this bus.

The next stop some crazy, verbally abusive woman gets on the bus.  She starts hollering about when do we get to downtown Seattle.  I look at her and state, we are in downtown Seattle.  She tells me to shut my *(@#$%#(** mouth, she was talking to the driver. Well alrighty then, stupid fool.  The driver informs her I was correct, where does she want to go.   She tells him Pioneer Square.  He informs her she got on the bus in Pioneer Square.  He tells her to get off the bus.  She refuses so now we have to sit and wait another 20 minutes for the transit cops to escort her off the bus.  DAmn Damn Damn.  I tried to catch a different bus but missed it by 30 seconds.  Ughhh!  This bus riding crap is really starting to wear on me.

The transit police finally escort her off the bus and we are on our way.  I got to my class about 3 minutes late, but was relieved that they let me into the class.  I keep telling myself the bus is faster, but no it is not.  Biking is the fastest way to get anywhere in Seattle.  I hope I can remember this.


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