Bus Blog #7: Flat tires, are you serious?

The week following the fire in the bus tunnel, I again ventured to catch the bus.  My thinking was to catch the 124 from work since it goes along a route that I can walk if something happens.  The ride was quite uneventful up until we reached Boeing Plant 2.  I had my headphones in so I missed the announcement.  I realized that the bus was not moving and had been sitting there for a couple of minutes.  I took an earphone out and heard the driver call in something about a flat tire.  I looked at the guy next to me and asked, “Did he just say we had a flat tire?”  The guy next to me nodded and said yes a flat tire, in a rather irritated voice.   I stood up and sad holy hell let me off this bus, I can walk there faster.  I proceeded to get off the bus and walk to Richard’s place.  Arghhhhh, you would think I would have learned by now that the bus is not that fast, entertaining yes, fast no!


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