Seeing Family for the first time in almost 10 years.

Last weekend Richard hesitantly agreed to drive me to a family reunion in Lewis County. I have not seen most of my family in almost 10 years. I decided to go because I have reached a point in my life where I am happy and content with the choices I have made. The progress my life has undergone and the fact that I nearly died a few months before certainly helped me decide to rekindle relationships.
The reunion was decent, in fact I realized I missed them. In the end, I saw that many of them were living the life I lost, married buying homes and things like boats and cars. I was momentarily jealous, when I realized that I really do not care about those things. I like my life as it is. Simple and getting simpler. I like having my freedom and not having bills pile up monthly. So to remember my freedom, I keep looking at my bike.

I told my co-worker that my sister was all about show, she has a boat and a home now and nice cars. He informed me I was as well. I was aghast. What do you mean, I asked him. He informed me that I only ride bikes that scream for attention, I bought the top of the line computer, stuff like that. I thought about this for awhile, and I realized that yes I do ride bikes that get attention, but it is most often a segue into a conversation of biking and how far and often I ride. This conversation is not about me, but more about how it can be done, I proved it. Most people will not ride a beastly bike like mine. Most definitely would not try to commute in Seattle on it.

My life as it was when I lived near my family is nowhere familiar to the life I lead now. I am happy where I am, I feel freedom and I feel a sense of place that I had never felt down there. So to all my family and friends I left behind, know that I am happier here than I was there, and that although our lifestyles are quite different, you are still part of my community.


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