Lumbering summer day in Seattle.

Friday night Richard had to work, so that cut our weekend short. At least the part where we are together. I had already made plans with two girlfriends to ride from my place to Alki Beach. Ok so the fact that bike lanes were in the middle of construction confused the path at one point, the overall ride was fabulous. We all woke up staring at really wet and even pouring weather. I commute all the time, no matter the weather, sometimes I grab the light rail to assist if the weather is really bad, but for the most part I bike around 20-27 miles a day. My girlfriends arrived at my place and we checked tires and water and the basics before setting off.

I decided that the best route was the head south through Beacon Hill and over through Georgetown and the industrial area to the low West Seattle Bridge. The weather was overcast but quite warm. We had a great ride and ended up at a little Irish bar for brunch and cocktails. I am a gin and bloody mary kind of girl, so that is my poison of choice in the mornings. Suzanne tried a vodka bloody mary, acknowledging that she really did not like bloody mary’s. Kim ended up with a fabulous Mojito. We all ordered breakfast and had a great conversation mostly orbiting around relationships.

We rode back along the waterfront route, then into Pioneer Square to catch the light rail back, since neither Kim or Suzanne had ever been on it, with or without bikes. I had a good time, got some exercise and had a great conversation with some of my favorite people. (Disclaimer: I have a ton of favorite people)! Just realizing that a few months ago an accident happened that could have either ended my life or ended my ability to ride and walk, makes me appreciate every day and every relationship that I have.

Richard never actually went to sleep after he got off work on Saturday. I grabbed the bus after the girls left and went to go get him. Knowing he had a few drinks and was in no condition to drive to me, I opted to bus to him and bring him back so I could make him dinner like I promised. We had liguini with a vodka red sauce, we added some sauteed zucchini and onions along with shrimp and some ricotta cheese. It turned out well.

We spent a fabulous night just me and him, talking and touching and truly enjoying each other. I am certain without any doubt he and I will be together for the rest of our lives. I have never been with someone I enjoyed so much or missed so much when I didn’t get to see them. I think soon we may actually move in together, although I drag my feet, I hope that by living together we do not grow apart, and that would just shatter me.



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