Putting things into Perspective.

The last few days have been rough for me. I am having trouble keeping my cool and keeping things calm. Last night a woman yelled at me out her apartment window for dumping my dog droppings in the dumpster. Ok she had a point and I conceded that, then she berated me for not taking my dog to the dog park or having him just defecate anywhere. This angered me to the maximum. I chose to go home and stew about it until the next day. The reality is, she is just cranky and no matter what as long as I pick up the dog droppings, he can go where ever unless it is posted. Freaking take a chill pill lady before you have a heart attack. I guess in this instance my life is far more satisfying than hers if she has to complain about someone actually picking up after their dog. Maybe she needs a hug.

Today, however, I again got my feathers ruffled. Not only was my machine acting up, I am in charge of the lab. One of my co-workers told another that she was being punished for something that happened last week. She then proceeded to ask me if I was punishing her. WTF????? I have no authority to punish anyone and frankly if you have a complaint go complain to my manager. Seriously there is no making some people happy. I bent over backwards to make sure she go to work on the equipment, I was under the impression she wanted to be on. It is by no means my fault that the samples I was told to expect never showed up. How in the hell can I control what comes through that door? Frankly I have had enough of this kind of attitude, from now on if anyone has a complaint they can go to my manager and he can play pre-school cop, because frankly that is what it is often like where I work.


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