Never tell a girl with turquoise hair she looks chunky!

My best friend Carla was at a Starbucks one day waiting to order her drink.  The line was long and slow, but she patiently waited until her turn.  As she ordered the barista asked if she would like whip cream on that drink.  The guy behind her was in a business suit and looked really agitated.  He stated under his breath, “you might want to forego that you are looking rather chunky.”  Carla heard him and in a rage she turned around hocked up a juicy loogy, and spit right on his tie.  I cannot imagine what that guy thought, he called her a bitch and stormed out.  In my opinion this asshole deserved it.  Although looking back, it could have been considered assault.  If he had said that to me, I might have told him it looks like he left his penis at home today.  Seriously why would anyone say something so rude to a total stranger that was totally not interacting with them in the first place?  I guess where he comes from manners were optional.


2 thoughts on “Never tell a girl with turquoise hair she looks chunky!

  1. He was in the line for ID-10T cards rather than the courtesy line when they were handing out manners & sense.

    Dang, dude was a winner…in the Charlie Sheen meaning

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