Keeping your kitchen sustainable.

I came home from this weekend to find my daughter and her best friend had stayed at my place to watch my dog. What I always forget about teens is that they are the worst for sustainability. Teens like ready to cook food. Plenty of packaging and excess waste.

It traumatizes me to see the waste that they produce in my own kitchen. I would love for them to understand the importance of no waste to me. For me it is about utilizing everything and not having to produce a waste stream that leaves a carbon footprint.

I have advanced my cooking techniques to minimize my waste stream. I joined a food co-op and take my bottles back in to refill. Things like oils, tamari, maple syrup, vinegars, soaps, shampoos, can all be bought in bulk. I love the idea of not tossing the bottles at the end. I also try to buy my grains, pastas and dried beans in bulk. I can reuse the paper bags or use the plastic ones for my dog messes. I typically cook without a can. I like to buy fresh organic or local produce and only have the inedible parts left over. I compost and recycle most of my waste. I reuse things like glass jars to store my grains and beans.

I wasn’t always this environmentally conscious. It never occurred to me that reuse was better than recycling, until I realized the cost of recycling things. I wish that Seattle have the 5 cent deposit on glass bottles. Reusing perfectly sound bottles would not only save on natural resources but would ultimately give someone a job of cleaning and sanitizing them.

I just hope that my children and their friends learn the impact that our foodprint has on our world. Not only is packaged food bad for us, it is wasteful and the process of packaging it up creates a huge negative impact on our world.


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