Staples in my Kitchen

I know I will never go hungry as long as I can forage and grow my own food. This week my budget is tight. I have about $10 to last me. The one thing that helps me to not worry is that I have a substantial amount of staples and I have a bin of veggies delivered every Wednesday. Some weeks I cannot keep up with the veggies. Anyone need some organic carrots?

I know that as long as I have a few spices and some grains around I am bound to figure out some way to feed myself. Things like quinoa, rice (brown, black and red) wheat berries, polenta (the dry kind), couscous and some wheat bulgar are the basic grains in my pantry. I also keep tons of dried beans around, red, black, black eyed peas, split peas (green and yellow), lentils (brown and red) and my ever favorite chick peas, to name a few. I keep black peeper, ground cumin, curry powder, salt. paprika and some kind of ginger on hand at all times. Fresh, ground and pickled ginger can make almost anything fabulous. Olive oil, and sesame oils are the basic oils in my pantry. I also like to keep mustard, eggs and soy sauce around. With these ingredients I can add almost any veggies and come up with a meal. It takes some imagination and some foresight, but anyone can whip magic in the kitchen.

Tonight I realized that I was going to get home late from my massage appointment. I whipped up some carrots and kale with some garlic scaves and baby bella shrooms. I sauteed in olive oil until the last two minutes, I then added some sesame oil and soy sauce. I put this on top of a bowl of basic ramen noodles, no not the packaged kind, and added some chili pepper sauce and picked ginger with some sesame seeds for some zap. I had a salad on the side to tide me over until the kale was done cooking. One of my better meals.

I almost forgot, I brewed some lipton tea, I know I need to switch to loose leaf as soon as all my tea bags are gone.  I sliced up some candied ginger and some fresh mint and brewed the tea with those.  I find it to be a little mild on the ginger but plenty of mint to make up for it.

Kale, carrots, garlic scaves, baby bella over ramen, and a salad on the side.

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