Mistaken Identity is not really very fun.

My best friend Carla and I went out to Jules Mae one night.  Well on many nights.  We had lived together for over 6 months at this time.  We were regulars at the bar and knew all of the bartenders and bouncers.  The night before Carla had bleached her hair out and had not yet gotten around to putting the blue and turquoise coloring in.  She went out as a blonde that night.  I admit she did not look much like herself without the blue.  I ordered us a round and we proceeded to the back room to play some pool.  I wandered back up to the bar to order round two when the bartender asked if the vodka redbull was for Jessica?  Uhmm my daughter is Jessica and it better not be.  No it is for Carla, who is Jessica?  The lady you are with is Jessica and she is not allowed to drink in our bar.  WTF???? Seriously?  Nope I can give you some cranberry juice or redbull for her, but no alcohol.  I took the cranberry juice and walked to the back.  I handed it to Carla and informed her what just happened.  She thought I was joking until she took a drink and exclaimed there is no liquor in this!


Well no, because at some point you must have come down here without me, made an ass of yourself and took on a second identity.  I can figure of no other reason.  No she declared, that she had not gone out without me.  (Kind of sounds like we were dating?)  We argued for awhile, when one of the barbacks, Jesse peeked around the corner at us.  A few moments later the bartender brought Carla a double drink and apologized.  It seems with her hair blonde she looked like someone else, someone who had been banned from having liquor in most of Georgetown.  We laughed our butts of and I told her that I hated the blonde anyway and she had best drink up because we were dying it back tonight!!!!


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