Bubble tea is like eating frog eggs!

My best friend Carla is much more adventurous than I am in certain avenues.  Her beverage choices is one of those avenues.  Carla introduced to my first bubble tea experience.  She did not tell me what to expect.  The tapioca balls hit the back of my throat, and I nearly choked.  What the hell was that???? She laughed at me and then informed me what they were.  I tried to like them.  I really did, but I found it much more fun to shoot them out the straw at random people in downtown Seattle.  She got upset and told me to not waste her tapioca.

We got on the bus and I again tried to like them.  First I tried swallowing them, but finally asked her how she liked to eat them.   She informed me that she liked to bite into them.  I took another try at it.  I got a couple of them in my mouth, swallowed the liquid, and rolled the tapioca in my mouth for a moment.  I determined that they are very much like the texture of frog eggs.  I then bit down into the tapioca.  I nearly gagged on them.  I yelled as loud as I could, “that is much worse than swallowing”!

My daughter was laughing so hard she fell of her seat, Carla was laughing at the look on my face and the fact that my daughter snorts when she laughs.  The driver was not at all amused and informed us that this was public transportation.  We ended up exiting at the next stop before he kicked us off the bus.  It took us nearly two hours to compose ourselves enough to be able to ride the bus home that night.



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