Bike Blog: 11 biking with friends.

I get asked often if I want to ride somewhere with friends.  I have taken three this summer so far.  Kim has been a constant in all of them.  Kim is more of a mountain biker than a ride cyclist.  She is very athletic and can make hills better than I can.  This weekend we rode the I-90 trail into Mercer Island in hopes of catching the Sounders game.  I was concerned about the hills on either end of the trail, but managed to only have to walk the bike the same last 3 blocks home that I am still intimidated by.  One day I will conquer it, but probably not before next summer.  Richard went with us and I had a great time, although I had little sleep the night before and wanted to just chill all day.  We got a late start so we only managed to get the second half of the game.  This was partly due to the fact that the waitress took her time finding the game for us.  Anyway, they did accommodate us and we were able to see the second half and some of the highlights from the first half.  All in all it was a great ride and a great day.  Mercer Island may become a regular day trip for me and Richard.  It is not too daunting and fairly low-key.  Enough hills to get your blood moving but not so many that you just want to quit.  The other fabulous thing about this ride was since the 520 was closed I-90 was packed and at a pretty good stall in both directions.  It was fascinating to me to realize that we probably made it to our destinations before most of those cars did.  As I am discovering, biking is much faster than a car in most situations in the Seattle area!


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