Alternative medicine is just as valuable as a “real” doctor.

Again I get irritated at people telling me what to do.  They hide it in the guise as friendly advice, but the reality is I do not need or want that advice.  If I wanted advice I would ask them if it were you what would you do?  I have never asked that question.  Ahhh, I am babbling.  Here is the premise of my anger.  I asked my doctor if she thought massage and acupuncture would help ease the pain in my knee and shoulder.  Since the collision my right side is still in pain.  I have done all the physical therapy that can be applied to my injuries at this point.  I continue to do the exercises at home when I can.  The problem is that my strength is returning but the pain is hanging on. I asked for chiropractic, simply because I went through a windshield. My back may have gotten wrenched out some.  I was hoping that was the cause of my shoulder pain.  The adjustments have helped, but ultimately the healing has built up some scar tissue in many of my joints.  This tissue needs to be broken down, so it doesn’t interfere with my joint movement.

I can feel the difference, although I am susceptible to re-injury.  I have already suffered a possibility of bursitis.  My manager keeps telling me to go to a “real” doctor.  I hate to break the news to you, but the real doctor agreed with me that alternative medicine was a good option.  You see, I am seriously trying to avoid surgery and loss of work.  Ultimately I want the pain to go away and I do not want to suffer the side effects of medication.  Why this concept is so hard for people to understand is beyond me.  I always feel better after a session.  I am relaxed and the pain subsides for a bit of time.  Treating the body wholistically is much more effective than swallowing some pills and seeking surgery.  Chronic pain is something I am trying to avoid, or at least manage with herbs and exercise.  So to those that think “real” medicine is what is needed, you seek that for yourself and I will seek what I feel is going to best suit not only me but also my lifestyle.  Riding a bike in a shoulder or knee cast is not an option.


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