Hitting a Plateau

It has been months since I was run down by a truck on my bike.  I have been in physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care since the wreck.  I rode my bike all summer, even though my shoulder and knee hurt like hell.  I pushed through it.  Over the past few months things have plateaued for me and to make matters worse, the acupuncturist feels that riding my bike in the cold weather is hindering my recovery.  The cold gets down deep in the joints causing swelling and discomfort.

My frustration is rising.  How can I still be in pain, it has been months.  Yet I know I am lucky for the fact that my injuries were not disabling.  Well not at this point, yet.  I know that keeping my thoughts positive help, but it is so hard when it feels like nothing is changing.

My co-worker lent me a book that I really needed to read.  “The Long Run” by Matt Long.  In 2005 a NYC firefighter was hit by a bus making an illegal right turn, the wheels pulled the rider and the bike under the bus and impaled him with the seatpost.  Knowing that my saddle was knocked completely off my bike scares me.  I could have suffered the same fate as this poor man.  He went for years before he was able to spiritually heal.  He was an Ironman Triathlete and running was his passion.  That was stripped from him in an instant.  Reading this book put many things into perspective.  I realized that I am going to survive and one day things will be ok.  I may have to wait a long time, but in the end I am alive and I have always been a survivor.

I wish I had read this book months ago, it would have helped me to put a better timeline on recovery.  Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean that I should and certainly doesn’t mean I should push harder when I am in pain.  Lesson learned.  Now if I can somehow convince Richard that a gym membership is a good idea, one with a pool.  I think swimming would do wonders for that damn catch in my right shoulder, along with strengthening it.  We shall see.


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