Ending 2011: What I have learned this year

As this year closes, I sit back and contemplate all that has happened over the course of 2011.  This year was full of events, some good some bad and some life changing.

Good Events:

This year I rode in a 60 mile bike ride and managed to get a few friends to ride with me.  I managed to raise enough money in that fundraiser to put me in the top two fund raisers.

I was asked to continue to work with AlleyCat Acres and be a co-captain of our new bike teams.

I tried a raw food diet, and found that I would like to continue incorporating it into my diet.

I bought a juicer and began to juice, finding a way to not only consume more healthy things, but also reduce by waste stream.

Richard and I are stronger than ever.  I know I want to be with him, now more than ever.

I moved into a smaller space and think I have managed to conquer my money issues.  At least I have them corralled more.

Life Changing Events:

I was hit from behind on my bike by a truck. It makes me appreciate my life in a whole new perspective.  I know that I will carry the scars and the pain from the accident for the extent of my life.  I have learned to embrace my scars as badges of honor.  I know what it is like to have things taken from you.  My ability to walk, ride a bike and generally take care of myself was briefly taken from me.  I now understand what being handicapped to an extent is like.  I appreciate my health and my abilities.


Bad Events:

After the collision my family fell apart.

My medical bills are huge.

I have gained back some of the weight I lost the year before.

I have lost the ability to ride in cold weather, at least for the time being.  I hate this most of all.  I want to have the ability to get to work without paying bus fare.  I also miss the ability to have a regular exercise regiment on a daily basis.  When you ride everywhere you do not have to seek out exercise programs.

Lost my RatRod.  I loved that bike. I replaced her, but still she was my first bikelove.

In general the good probably balanced the bad, but the life changing will have a great impact on the future and the rest of my life.


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