Taking Charge of your own Life Choices.

Two years ago I lost nearly 60 lbs.  I went from a size 18 down to a size 12.  I did this by completely eliminating processed foods and biking to work daily.  Everyday I faced a new challenge, but the results of facing those challenges and conquering them was so fantastic.  I looked the best I had since before I graduated high school.  I felt better than I had felt in many years.  I was also working my way through Grad School.

Shortly after graduating I was ran down by a truck on my bicycle.  Although this was a significant event in my life, it is not the focus of this entry.  My focus was how my health and life have reversed since this event.  I have put back on about 25 pounds and am less motivated than I was before.  My weight was gradually put back on.  Right after this event, cooking was not something I could do for myself.  Processed foods slowly re-entered my diet.  I kept my weight gain at bay by biking as soon as I could get back on a bike.  I pushed myself to go up the hills as much as I could physically handle.

In October, the worst thing happened.  As I was going through my therapy and acupuncture, I was informed that my joints were suffering from the cold weather.  To properly heal I needed to get off my bike and my scooter.  I needed to keep my joints warm and not overly exposed to the cold damp weather.  Biking is my main form of exercise, taking away my commute nearly killed all of my activity.  Walking tends to cause stress on my knees and hips.  This is due to the usage of other muscles that have to fight the overly developed muscles used to bike.  I realized that only biking was actually not a positive way to get my physical activity.

Sadly, I know more about health and nutrition than most. The problem is not gaining the knowledge, but the application of that knowledge.  So again in January I think about those goals I have in my life and think about renewal of my promises to myself.  This year I have a juicer, love it!  I am going to figure this out.  It also helps that Richard just bought a new bike.  He is very excited to get back to riding.  This is a huge motivator for me.  Oh and the fact that my therapy is going great helps tremendously.

I am ready to get back on track, and remember that failing once is not a reason to give up.  Get back on track and take back control of your life.  I have to continually remind myself of this daily.


2 thoughts on “Taking Charge of your own Life Choices.

  1. glad I came across your story! Its wonderful to read of someone who has went through a range of setbacks but still continues to push forward! keep it up and well done!

    • Thank you. I always feel like there are far too many stories of setbacks and success, but never really on how to push through. I think I will share my journey this year, at least I can look back on it and see the struggles along with the triumphs.

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