Planning ahead.

The only thing I like about terrible weather, and if it snows at all that qualifies, is my motivation to cook gets running.  Last night after my doctor appointment, I stopped off to pick up things to make some manicotti.  Richard had asked for that.  I already had wanted to whip up a couple of quiches, so I thought I will just cook all night so I have things ready to go for the week.  Planning to make two of us a whole box of manicotti is just silly.  So I whipped up a mixture of ricotta cheese, Italian cheese mix, roasted red and green peppers, some sauteed leeks and mushrooms along with some fresh spinach and parsley.  I precooked the pasta just enough to ensure it cooks through while baking, then stuffed each one with the mixture.  After they were all laid out I poured a bit of the pasta water over them to keep them moist and ensure they cooked completely.  I was lazy, in my defense tomatoes are out of season, and bought a nice vodka sauce to cover them with.  I then baked them up for about 45 minutes.  Keeping my eye on them so they would not burn. 

While they were cooking I took what was left of th stuffing mixture and added a couple of roasted jalepeno and the rest of the roasted green pepper.  I had roasted a yam with the peppers so I added that in as well.  I then added my eggs, some salt and pepper and mixed well.  I cheated and bought pie crust, I suck at making my own.  I poured the mixture into two pie crusts and added some taco cheese mix.  After the manicotti was done I popped those into the oven.

We had the manicotti for dinner and half of one of the quiches for breakfast this morning.  I started a loaf of rosemary herb bread, but since it was snowing my significant other wanted to get back to his place to ensure he could get to work if he was called in.  I now have quiche for breakfast all week, manicotti for lunch all week and some fresh bread to go with the soup I am preparing for dinner in the crock pot for Monday and Tuesday night.  Not bad for a few hours of work.


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