Fighting the Winter Snowy Day Blues

Oh the blahs of winter.  Oh winter how I hate thee!  The cold weather makes me miserable and want to stay in bed, the shorter days make me tired and lazy.  I spend far too much time watching netflix and sitting on my butt then getting anything done or exercising.  Oh how I long for some energy and some motivation to get out and so something.  Today I skipped work, due to icy road conditions.  Frankly it was more about fear of being stuck on the bus for hours again like last year.  Tomorrow is not looking promising.  I fear my check will not cover my rent this next time around.

I remember snow days growing up meant that those new puzzles and coloring/activity books my mother bought us for Christmas were going to get a fair amount of attention.  We might even break out a board or card game.  This was back before video games consumed us and the internet sucked us into a vortex.  This was back when, although I hated living in the sticks, being stuck at home literally meant being stuck at home.  With 6-8 inch snow drifts blocking our driveway from the road and having a gravel drive meant deep slush that is impossible to navigate through.  We would be trapped for about 3 days every winter, sometimes twice in one winter.

The only consolation at the time was that we always had hot soup, games, puzzles and coloring books.  If only being snowed in didn’t mean paying a bill or not paying a bill.  Sad but true.  I spent the day shopping, yes I already had to take the bus home so I went on up to Capital Hill to get the remaining ingredients needed for this weeks menu.  Afterwards, I caught the bus home and then proceeded to finish up my Jacob’s Cattle Bean soup.  If you have never tried it, it is the most hearty wonderful bean soup ever.  It has kale and roasted red peppers, beans and cream with goat cheese.  How could you not like that?

I also watched some netflix and cleaned my apartment, this is only significant in that I am not the best housekeeper.  As part of my fear of becoming a hoarder has motivated me to pick up after myself.  Yes, I tend to be obsessive.  I obsess about food, health, biking, gardening and now cleanliness of my apartment.  I suffer with myself.  I have always been this way, I do not know how to not obsess.  I do however change what I obsess about often, I call it refocusing.  I conquer those things which I am fretting over.  So my obsession with food and health will likely never change, this is simply due to the fact that they are directly related and that I am never going to lose this focus.

Seriously, I forgot the point of this blog.  Oh yes, snow days.  I miss having someone to sit with and play a game.  Oh but I now have a box of 64 colors, and calligraphy set, drawing pens and pencils and if I get highly motivated a canvas and oil paints.  Well if I end up not going to work tomorrow, I suspect some kind of art objective will become focal.

If you do make the soup, let me know how you like it.  I am vegetarian so I used veggie broth I made from the left overs of my juice, some diced up herbs and no ham hock.  I also made a rosemary herbed bread, basic white bread with some rosemary, Italian herbs and I added some garlic to the mix just for fun.  I felt like I was the wealthiest person in the World while I sat and ate dinner watching  “ClockWork Orange”.



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